NG  |  Madeira Natural
NG | Madeira Natural

Commercial premises featuring New Generation Madeira Natural.

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NG  |  Calais Alloy
NG | Calais Alloy

Commercial premises featuring New Generation Calais Alloy.

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NG  |  Calais Cream
NG | Calais Cream

Residential premises featuring New Generation Calais Cream.

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New Generation Cork is an exclusive cork flooring tile distributed by Cork Imports Australia.


Using advanced patented pre-finishing technology, our cork tiles are simple to install without the hassell of sanding and polishing. Now you can enjoy all the acoustic, thermal and environmentally friendly benefits of a cork floor in an exciting new range of patterns and colours.

Cork Imports is a family owned business.  We have a deep belief in cork as a sustainable and renewable resource which has extensive environmental, thermal, acoustic and general health benefits.  From plantation to production we only deal with other high quality, family run businesses where the overarching company philosophy of sustainability and equality is shared.  We are proud to say that from our family to yours, you can be comfortable knowing that we have taken the time to consider the production chain and processes to ensure only the highest quality of end product is delivered.

As Cork is a natural product, there will be colour and pattern variations from tile-to-tile and carton-to-carton. Overall, the variation is what gives cork its natural charm.  The natural granulation of the different types of cork tiles will show through the opaque colours and let the undeniable beauty and soul of the cork shine through. When you install our cork tiles in your home, you are embracing the beauty of nature and its imperfections.  

Traditional Cork Tiles

New Generation | Madeira Natural

New Generation Cork Tiles

NG Calais Cream

Designer Wall Cork

Designer Wall Cork