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New Generation Cork | Twist Olive

NG Cork - Twist Olive

NG Twist Olive | Specifications

Twist Olive is also available in large square formats by special order.

New Generation Cork
Twist Olive
Exclusive hot-melt ceramic coating, followed by additional water-based coatings
Pre-finished - glue down
305 x 305 x 6mm | 600 x 300 x 6mm
Carton Size
4.65m2 | 4.5m2

* Additional tile sizes featuring Twist Olive can be found in our Premier Collection

Tradies Own Primer & Adhesive

Tradies Own Primer and Contact Adhesive is recommended for use with New Generation Cork tiles.

Specially engineered for the unique composition of NG Cork tiles, this primer and adhesive is water-based and Greenguard certified to contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which means no noxious smells during or after installation. 

The Tradies Own combination provides optimal adhesion and durability, ensuring your cork tiles remain secure and beautiful for years to come.

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