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Embrace the beauty of nature

Cork is one of the very few truly sustainable natural flooring products on the market.

It takes nearly 2 years to produce a cork floor tile from harvesting the bark and seasoning in the field for 12 months, to steaming and then granulation ready to be turned into cork tiles. Each tile is unique in both colour and pattern. The natural granulation of the different types of cork tiles will show through the opaque colours and let the undeniable beauty and soul of the cork shine through.

Cork is softer and warmer underfoot compared to timber, vinyl, bamboo, ceramics, concrete and other hard finishes. It is natural honeycomb structure of the air-sealed cells absorb the vibrations of sound, dampening and reducing the transference of those sounds making it acoustically sound and a great insulator. The New Generation Cork tiles come pre-finished using a patented finishing process which means a no fuss installation, not like in years past.

When you install our cork tiles in your home, you are embracing the beauty of nature and its imperfections.



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