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Cork Imports Australia also supplies the highest quality natural traditional cork tiles and raw cork products.


The traditional tiles provide all the acoustic, thermal and environmentally friendly benefits of a cork floor that we have come to love over the generations.  Traditional raw cork tiles require installation by a cork tile installer and are unfinished, so will require three coats of polyurethane.  If you don't want the mess of traditional installation methods, then have a look at our New Generation range of pre-finished cork tiles.

As cork is a natural product, there will be colour and pattern variations from tile-to-tile and carton-to-carton. Overall, this variation is what gives cork its unique charm.

Traditional Raw Cork Tiles

Adhesive backed | 305 x 305 x 6 mm | 4.65 m2 per carton

Traditional Raw Copenhagen
Raw traditional natural cork tile_edited

Features and Benefits of Cork Flooring

Comfortable Underfoot Icon

Comfortable Underfoot

High Density Icon

High Density

Noise Reduction Icon

Noise Reduction

Thermal Regulation Icon

Thermal Regulation

Anti-Slip Texture Icon

Anti-Slip Texture

Water Resistant Icon

Water Resistant

Fire Retardant Icon

Fire Retardant

Hypoallergenic Icon


Environmentally Friendly Icon


Raw Cork Products
Cork underlay
Cork Underlay

Low Density

6mm Rolls

Cork Sheet Traditional
Cork Sheet - Traditional

915 x 610 x 24 mm (12 per carton)

915 x 610 x 12 mm (24 per carton)

915 x 610 x 6 mm (50 per carton)

915 x 610 x 3 mm (100 per carton)

Cork Bark
Cork Bark

Various sizes and quantities available.

6 mm Cork Roll
Cork Rolls - High Density

High Density

3mm or 6 mm x 1.22 m x 30 m

36.6 m2 per Roll

Cork Sheet Rustic
Cork Sheet - Rustic

915 x 610 x 6 mm (50 per carton)

Cork Bung sizes
Cork Bungs - Raw

Various sizes and quantities available.

Cork Granules
Cork Granules

Various sizes available

0.5 mm - 1.0 mm

1.0 mm - 2.0 mm

Cork Sheet Chocolate
Cork Sheet - Chocolate

915 x 610 x 6 mm (50 per carton)

Cork Bungs of various sizes
Cork Bungs - Natural

Various sizes and quantities available.

Have a question about our products or want to chat about your project? We’d love to hear from you!

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